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          Splashdown is Maximal by alliegence, Predacon by programming. Her body is primarily mechanical but has an integrated Pretender shell in both forms to allow for aquadynamics and and added protection of vital circuitry. Her forehead in both modes is equipped with sonar gear and various other sensors.

Her flipper feet and tail make her nearly as agile in the water in robot mode as in dolphin mode, and her lower arms can reconfigure into blades for combat and self-defense as well as for use as flippers for added speed.

The figure is scratchbuilt save for a base of Stikfas parts. The Spark Crystal is a combination of a printed decal and a craft bead. Ironically, the beads come with silverized backs, but I had to remove the backing to apply the insignia.

The transformation is the most intricate I've built yet, and the least kibble-y. Though it's the most articulated figure I've built, it cannot stand in robot mode at all due to a loose transformation joint in the left ankle.


(C) DJM 2003, all rights duly trod on and ignored. Beast Wars and anything related is owned by Hasbro, and they will inevitably repaint it at the most innappropriate time possible; this figure, for one, is safe. Just a little fanwork and maybe some free advertising. Yes, yes, I'm evil.